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Register for camp by clicking here.  Do not forget to come back here for part 2.


Make sure to complete registration by filling out all of the additional forms including: Attendee Information Form, Camp Chaparral Registration/Medical Release forms, 


Download and print the Camp Chaparral Registration/Medical Release forms by clicking here. Complete the forms and email them to IMPORTANT: YOUR CHILD WILL NOT BE REGISTERED UNTIL THIS STEP IS COMPLETED!

Camper check in will begin at 3:00pm, Monday, July 31st.  Parents or chaperones must remain with children until they have completed check in.  Campers need to be picked up by 10:00am, Friday, August 4th.  Whoever is picking up the child MUST be listed on their registration form and provide a valid ID at pick up.

Please Read! Please Read! Please Read! Please Read! Please Read! Please Read! Please Read! Please Read! 




Refund Policy

Due to the regulations of the campground facility, we have a limited number of campers allowed. Therefore, a refund will not be issued after registration closes unless it is a special circumstance and is preapproved by the Children's Ministries Board.  Please note that in the event of a refund, only the registration price will be refunded and no processing fees or service charges will be included.

Head Lice Policy

I understand that my child will not be admitted if they have lice or lice eggs. If lice or lice eggs are found, it is my responsibility to pick up my child.  Refunds will not be issued to any camper sent home due to lice.

Dress & Behavior Policy

  • No foul language

  • No disruptive behavior

  • Bullying will not be tolerated


Male Dress Code

  • No Shorts or short pants

  • No tank tops/capped sleeves

  • No tight or revealing clothing

  • No jewelry (except wedding rings)

Female Dress Code

  • Skirts or dresses only - No skirts or splits that come above the knee

  • No tank-tops/capped sleeves

  • No tight or revealing clothing

  • No jewelry (except wedding rings)


Swim Policy

Modest swimwear with the minimum of loose-fitting shorts to the knees and a dark colored t-shirt that covers the shoulders and upper arms. All campers will need clothing to wear over bathing suits to walk from rooms to swim area that meet the standard dress code for camp. Sunscreen is also highly recommended. 

Camper Cell Phone Policy

All Campers are permitted to have their cell phones with them except in two areas while attending North Texas Kids Camp:

  • While inside the dorm, cell phones will be stored in a designated area provided and monitored by dorm dean(s) or matron(s). All cell phones will be labeled on the back identifying which camper each phone belongs to. Cell phones will remain in this designated area inside the dorm until the camper is exiting the dorm.

  • If a camper's phone rings/receives a text while in the designated area the dean or matron will supervise the campers responding to their phones.

  • If a camper is going swimming in one of the designated water areas, cell phones must remain inside the dorm until the camper returns to the dorm.

What to Bring to Camp

  • Play Clothes

  • Bedding for a twin size bed

  • Towels and toiletries

  • Swimwear and clothing to wear over swimwear to walk to/from swim areas​

    • ​The boys and girls have separate swim areas and times​​

  • Sunscreen

  • Baseball/Softball equipment

  • Money for the gift shop and concession stand

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